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How fast can I expect to see results?

Many people have reported noticeable change in coat shine, weight gain, digestive health and more in as little time as 2 weeks. For more serious conditions such as Joint Health, a consistent dosage over a 2 to 3 month period is more likely to show improvement.

Is it only for horses that perform daily?


Not at all. ExcelEQ is a natural supplement therefore foals, broodmares and pasture horses will also benefit from the powerful Omega 3 and Vitamin E proprieties. Horses that don't perform in a sport or that does limited physical effort may require lower dosage.

Do horses like the taste?


99% of horses on ExcelEQ will lick their feeder clean each meal. In the unlikely event your horse doesn't care for it added to his grain, squirt the liquid directly into their mouth using a seringe.

What makes ExcelEQ different than other Omega 3 or Vitamin E supplement?

The only Omega 3 supplement that compares to ExcelEQ in Fatty Acids ratios is Flax Seed. Where ExcelEQ exceeds is it being an oil rather than a seed, it is much more absorbed by the horse's body. A research in cows show that the cows fed with ExcelEQ's basic ingredient versus flax seed show a much higher 

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