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FUNDAMENTALS to Get Your Horses More Broke

It is everyone's fundamental goal to have a very broke horse. But there are many ways to define what is a broke horse depending on your expectations, your discipline etc.. At the core though, when looked at from a more simple angle, we all want the same thing. Or almost.

Basically, the main cues of function are generally the same for everyone. Standing, Steering, Braking and Acceleration/Deceleration. Similar to what you would expect from a new car off the production line. It has been programmed to react consistently to signals from the gas pedal, brakes, steering wheel etc.. and the same as with your horses, you wouldn't want the car to start driving as you getting in or swerving sharpening to one side of the road when your steering will is aimed to go straight. You get the point..

"horsemanship is having the ability to feel and consider a horse's state of mind & emotion at the time of interaction and approach it accordingly"

Well, the following video is a summarized breakdown of this analogy. I describe each of the 5 fundamental elements I feel should be prioritized from start to finish when riding or training horses. That way, you can practice driving you car(horse) better, faster, with. more precision, fine tune it more to your cues etc.. That is why we call what we do Performance Horses. Below is the YouTube video summarizing the Full Video Series recently uploaded to The Comfort Zone Horse Training Video Series. Watch the YouTube Video Here

In closing, our horses are not automobiles or motorcycles, they are living beings with emotions, feelings, moods etc.. just like we do. And if I could define horsemanship in one sentence, it would be the ability to feel and consider horse's state of mind & emotion at the time of interaction and approach it accordingly. This is why I felt there could not have been a better opportunity to bring in my friend and professional horseman Warwick Schiller in. In the final chapter the the series I added a short video of a conversation I had with Warwick that impacted the way I see things. In regards to what being a true horseman is about.

If you want to deepen your knowledge of training and riding horses, try joining us on:

I want to thank you for watching or reading and I want to extend a special thank you to #WarwickSchillerPerformanceHorsemanship

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