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Many new videos on The Foundation just uploaded!!!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

We've recently added awesome new videos in The Comfort Zone Training Series!! Introducing and training the Spin, the Backup, the Lead Transition and Departures and more!!

The Comfort Zone Training Video Series

We are adding more amazing videos on training exercises, tools, drills and tips and tricks weekly. Join us at The Comfort Zone Training Video Series for free for 7 days. Cancel anytime so it's risk free! Take a look and see what you might be missing!

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Emily Lewis
Emily Lewis
2023년 2월 15일

So you make your cue be the spot where you want your horse's attention to focus? That makes perfect sense! I just watched the back-up video where you explained how you want your horse to focus on a cue from your seat not your hands, which later helps them to focus on their back and hocks and not their mouth or head and makes for a prettier stop and back-up. I wish somebody would have explained that so eloquently like you just did years ago! Wow!! You're so good at teaching this stuff!! Thank you!!

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