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ExcelEQ is an omega 3 and natural Vitamin E performance equine supplement.  This product derives from the richest and most balanced source of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and All Natural Vitamin E.  While omega 6 fatty acids are essential to the horse's diet, their inflammatory properties are harmful to the horse when not counter balanced by omega 3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties.


Unfortunately the sources of fatty acids found in grains are too rich in omega 6 and deficient of omega 3 by up to a 10 to one ratio.  By reducing inflammation everywhere in the horses body,  you also drastically reduce the risks of injuries and substantially shorten injury recovery time.  Joint health is most performance horse owners main concern.  While there are many proven treatments and surgical procedures,  supplementing the horses daily diet with a powerful anti-inflammatory will actually help prevent the need for expensive treatments or risky injections.  The same goes for digestive health and Ulcer prevention versus extensive treatments.  


Contrary to most vitamin E supplements, the natural source of vitamin E found in ExcelEQ is highly absorbed by the horses body.  Vitamin E enhances blood circulation and distribution of oxygen to all body cells such as cerebral, muscular and reproductive.  This will drastically improve all aspects of the horses overall health condition.  So wether you seek to keep weight on your horse during intensive training,  reduce risk of injury and ulcers or simply put a shiny coat on your pasture horse, ExcelEQ is the most affordable and most efficient supplement available today.

Click video to watch and learn about ExcelEQ

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