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Behind The Scenes - Horse Care, Health & Shine

Giving my horses outstanding care is our main priority. Of all of the steps we take to make sure our horses are and remain sound, healthy and shiny, in. this video I highlight the most impactful ones I try to be very consistent about.

1 - Blanket Therapy Treatments are a fundamental part of our day to day effort to keep our horses free from muscles soreness and other body soreness related discomfort caused by the regular physical strain of performance training. The Bemer Therapy blanket's ability to activate blood circulation in the deepest & smallest blood vessel circulating through the muscle fibers. A 20 minutes once to twice a day paired with wearing a Therapy blanket such as the Come-Best by Lami-Cell is guaranteed to help extract lactic acid built up in the muscles causing soreness, as well as activate blood circulation for fast recovery.

2 - Healthy & Shiny Coat is a sign of healthy and well-being. Our strategy to optimizing our horses physical health is relatively simple. We start from the inside out by supplementing our horses daily with a supplement called Excel EQ by Excel Supplements. It's very rich and potent source of Omega-3 and Natural Vitamin E helps reduce inflammation in the body as well as increasing the distribution of oxygen to all major body cells. Paired with the consistant deep curry brushing and washing using the highly recommended Equi-Fuse products, this recipe has proven very succesful.

3 - Daily Exercises such as turn out or walking in addition to training has many physical and mental benefits. But primarily, for joint health and muscle development, our horses benefit from 30 minutes a day exercise in our Priefert exerciser. We have 4 preset programs allowing for our horses to either walk various paces, or alternating between jog & trot for more fulfilling workouts or warmup.

4 - Lights & Blanketing will also greatly impact your horse's coat appearance. We strongly recommend a well light and time controlled environment as well as temperature monitored blanketing to make sure your horses have a healthy and shiny looking coat.

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