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  •  Level Three
  •  Finish: Antique
  •  MP: 5-1/8″ Sweet Iron, A-shape correctional, Spoon mouthpiece, 2-1/4″ Port
  •  CP: 6-1/4″ with 3 stars


This bit is recommended for more advanced prospects with low sensitivity and that requires more leverage during training.


Watch JG talk about the Cathedral Bit


SKU: UW609J01-00AN-518
  •  As a Top 20 NRHA Professional who has won several individual titles and coached successful reining teams, Jonathan Gauthier knows a thing or two about training young horses and riders. Over the course of his career, Gauthier has created foundational programs for reining horses, that have proven highly effective across Western disciplines including cutting, roping and barrel racing. It was while building those foundational programs that Gauthier saw a need for effective training tools made with exceptional quality materials. That need led him to develop his own line of bits and spurs with Metalab.Gauthier’s programs develop horses mentally and physically, while his Metalab products have proven to be effective training tools for ultimate body control. His line of bits will accommodate most types of horses and riders, while the individual products each offer characteristics that best fit various types of horses.You can learn more about his series here or shop it here.

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